Friday, February 20, 2015

Project Life

So yesterday i decided i wanted to dabble in Project Life again. Not really in the traditional way of week by week but by month. So i printed all my pics for January..well some of the important ones...and got to work.  This is my third attempt at PL so i hope this one is successfull!  For my first spread to start out the album i use a lot of cards and embellishments from the beautiful new Simple Stories I Am collection.  I may need to stock up on more of this line I love it so much.  The pretty colors mixed with the gold foil just get me every time.

I did one more for January to finish up. I used the PL Playful edition. This one is so cute with all the whimsical animals and PURPLE!  Can you tell I am excited about PURPLE?

So here I go on to February. Wish me luck and motivation!  I am determined to see the whole year through! Thanks for stopping by.